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This site can tell us a lot about our history. Preserving this place is important to Council which is why we signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ng family in , allowing us to be the custodians of the site. Part of our responsibility is to do the best we can to restore and protect all items of heritage value, including the structures, whilst working closely and in cooperation with the family. Mr Heijden hopes to declare our Chinese Settlement an archaeological site, which — if successful, will be only the eighth of its kind in New Zealand with this classification post s.

While the site is fenced off for obvious reasons, you can visit our Facebook page facebook. This will give you a good idea of the tremendous historic treasure we have here in Ashburton! These were among the largest dinosaurs of all; some were tall enough to eat tree-tops and measured up to 28 metres in length. Plant fossil material, insects, and the bones of the flying reptiles, pterosaurs, have also been found.

After the war's end, she worked in a Hastings radio shop, marrying five years later and having two children. When rock collecting became a family hobby, Wiffen's interest in geology grew and in she and her husband travelled to Queensland to look at rocks. At a roadside stall Wiffen bought a fossil triblobite a small ancient sea dwelling animal like a slater and soon after was gifted an ammonite, an extinct snail.

It was a fascination for these relics which led to her interest in the collection and study of fossils. Wiffen's New Zealand findings have important implications for theories of Continental Drift, and the belief that New Zealand separated from Gondwanaland about 80 million years ago, before dinosaurs spread. Although New Zealand's scientific establishment were slow to accept that dinosaurs lived in New Zealand, Wiffen's discoveries have now been identified by overseas experts and described in scientific papers published in New Zealand and internationally.

Wiffen has published five scientific papers on marine fossils in New Zealand, and co-authored three others which have been published overseas.

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She has also written a popular book on her fossil-hunting life, Valley of the Dragons , which has been broadcast on radio's National Programme and translated into braille. Figure 1. Storm, Moa Point, Wellington. It was very cold, with south-westerlies for much of the year. Easterlies prevailed from September.

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Next to the tasting booth is a working model of a traditional. These beautiful gardens date back toalthough originally sited in King George Place, they were moved to the current site as the land was far more fertile and sheltered. There are a few food favourites in Invercargill, so look out for seafood, particularly blue cod, oysters and cheese rolls, a. This is a 1h30min walk in native forest and along the estuary. Margaret Barker has a huge passion for Gondwana plants. Prohibition strengthened the market; war and depression increased demand. Guidelines for the monitoring and management of sea water intrusion risks on groundwater. Options for restoration of cape ivy dominated sites using native coastal species, Glinks Gully, Northland. Related Destinations. Full video: Jacinda Ardern dating network near Gore New Zeland with media during Dunedin campaign stop. Day 4: Dunedin to Stewart Island.

These, together with more frequent low pressure systems east of the North Island, produced especially cloudy weather over much of the North Island and northern South Island. The national average temperature of This was particularly noticeable after the — period which was very warm. Temperatures were 1. There were also more south-easterly airstreams over New Zealand, which always bring cooler conditions.

A blanket of snow covering farm machinery at Pukehiki Church, Dunedin. Winter snowstorms.

Snow occurred in Otago and Canterbury on 9—11 May, then heavy snowfalls occurred in Otago and Southland for much of the week from 16 June which gave record low day and night time temperatures. More heavy snow occurred in Canterbury and inland Marlborough from 8—11 July.

Later, very cold south-easterlies brought the most severe snowstorms since along the east coast of the South Island from 27—29 August. Waitohora, Wairarapa measured rainfall totalling mm for the 48—hour period to 9 am on 23 July, with numerous slips and road closures throughout the region. New Zealand's best known female weather presenter and reporter is Penelope Barr. Born in Paeroa in , Barr left school with no clear career path.

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Barr returned to New Zealand in , graduating with a teaching diploma two years later. Assisted by a scholarship, she also completed a Bachelor of Education at the University of Waikato. In she was encouraged to enter the Miss Waikato beauty contest and took the tide, later being placed fourth in the Miss New Zealand competition. Barr moved to Auckland, working as a full time model on fashion shows and occasional compere.

She got her first taste of television in , when she acted as a co-host on Telequest and later had small parts in the television productions Gloss and Erebus. Barr first presented Television ONE's weather report in In she gained the internationally recognised New Zealand Diploma in Meteorology, becoming the first person outside the New Zealand Meteorological Service to achieve the qualification. Weather presenter, Penelope Barr. When the air pressure is abnormally high in the Indonesian region, it is correspondingly low in the South Pacific and vice versa.

When southern oscillation episodes occur, the usual weather patterns in the southern Pacific, including New Zealand, are significantly altered. An index, called the southern oscillation index, has been constructed using pressure recordings from Tahiti and Darwin. The period of the southern oscillation is very irregular, varying between about two and 10 years with an average period of three to four years. Uniqueness is a feature of the natural life of New Zealand. Most notable is the absence—apart from two species of bat—of native land mammals. Many flightless birds and insects have evolved.

The most remarkable birds were some 12 species of moa, forest and shrub browsers that took the place of large herbivores in other parts of the world. Moa became extinct in pre-European times, but other flightless birds remain, including kiwi, kakapo a nocturnal parrot—the largest in the world , and weka a scavenging rail. Flightless insects are numerous, including many large beetles and cricket-like weta.

The absence of mammals also meant that birds became important as seed-dispersing agents. As a result most forest plants bear small berries, including the giant conifers podo-carps , the smaller canopy trees, and even some forest-floor herbs. Some alpine plants produce berries, dispersed by the New Zealand pipit and the kea mountain parrot. As a consequence of the great physical and climatic upheavals which New Zealand has undergone the forest has been influenced by extinction.

Coconut palms once occurred in New Zealand, and fossil remains of kauri, now limited to the northern North Island, have been found south to Canterbury.

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Some tropical plant groups are represented by a single species, surviving only on protected islands, or in the far north. Although many New Zealand plants and animals occupy very specialised habitats, droughts, high winds, floods, and erosion mean that many species need to be highly adaptable. Accordingly, many insects, such as native bees, gather food from a wide variety of sources, and some forest species, like beech, regenerate best after the parent forest has been destroyed by volcanic eruption for example.

The black stilt is one of New Zealand's rarest birds and the rarest wading bird in the world.

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It was widespread until the late 19th century when its numbers began to decline rapidly. By the s black stilts were left only in the South Canterbury—North Otago region and today there are only 70 to 80 birds in the wild. The black stilt Himantopus novaezealandiae is a large wading bird closely related to the common pied stilt.

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They are more compact than the pied variety and their plumage is a uniform glossy black colour. They favour dunes or the edges of swamps, lakes or rivers and build their nests on either dry shingle beds or swamps. They form breeding pain for life and lay about four eggs every year between September and December. The stilts have suffered mostly, along with many other species of native birds, from predation by introduced species.

Cats, stoats, ferrets, dogs and birds of prey, introduced to control rabbits in the last century, attack the eggs and chicks while they are at their most vulnerable. Agricultural and hydro-electric development have disrupted the stilt's favoured environments: lakes, rivers and wetlands. Although it is difficult to measure the precise effect this has had on the black stilt population, New Zealand has lost 90 percent of its wetlands since the first settlers arrived here.

In power shortages caused by a lack of water in the South Island hydro-lakes led to a controversial decision to allow lower levels on Lake Pukaki, the major remaining breeding ground for black stilts. No hard evidence could be produced to say what effect this would have on the birds but there was general agreement that it wouldn't do them any good. In the end power conservation measures averted the power crisis without the need to lower the lake. The Department of Conservation DoC is endeavouring to foster the black stilt population.

Intensive management of their natural habitat among the braided rivers of South Canterbury began in Predators were trapped and eggs were discreetly taken from birds to be artificially incubated. The eggs were replaced with ceramic dummies and the chicks were returned to their parents once they were hatched. Before DoC management measures were introduced the black stilt's egg survival rate was 1 percent but since they began it has risen to 35 percent.

In a second captive breeding centre was established on 15 hectares of Electricorp land three kilometres south of Twizel, to bring the birds closer to their natural habitat. Three breeding pairs were transferred from Mount Bruce to lay, hatch and rear their own chicks which are released into the wild after nine months.

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After checking out EliteSingles, I decided to give it a try. I had to play around with the settings a little, but the people I am being suggested are precisely what I am looking for. Winds —Winds from a westerly quarter prevail in all seasons although in individual months easterlies may predominate. In the North Island winds generally decrease for a period in the summer or early autumn. However, in the South Island, July and August are the least windy months. Important modifications to the wind pattern are caused by mountain ranges and by the heating or cooling contrasts between land and sea.

The blocking effect of the mountain ranges decreases wind strength on the upwind side but increases it in the mountain passes and in Cook and Foveaux Straits and about the Manawatu Gorge. Sea breezes are frequent and in many parts of New Zealand are almost certainly coupled with the mountain winds. North of Taranaki the general air flow is from the south-west and there is a noticeable reduction of windiness in the summer.

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An indication of the variation in the frequency of strong winds from summer to winter, and in different parts of the country, is given in the next table. These figures were all obtained by the use of anemographs at airports. Rainfall —The distribution of rainfall is mainly controlled by mountain features, and the highest rainfalls occur where the mountains are exposed to the direct sweep of the westerly and north-westerly winds.

The mean annual rainfall see map ranges from as little as mm in a small area of Central Otago to over mm in the Southern Alps. The average for the whole country is high, but for the greater part lies between and mm, a range regarded as favourable for plant growth in the temperate zone. The only areas with under mm are found in the South Island to the east of the main ranges.

These include most of central and north Otago, and South Canterbury. In the North Island, the driest areas are central and southern Hawke's Bay, Wairarapa, and Manawatu where the average rainfall is — mm a year. Of the remainder, much valuable farm land, chiefly in northern Taranaki and Northland, has upwards of mm. Over a considerable area of both Islands rainfall exceeds mm a year but, with the exception of Westland, this is mountainous and unoccupied, much of it being forest-covered.

For a large part of the country the rainfall is spread evenly through the year. The greatest contrast is found in the north, where winter has almost twice as much rain as summer. This predominance of winter rainfall diminishes southwards.

It is still discernible over the northern part of the South Island but, over the southern half, winter is the season with least rainfall, and a definite summer maximum is found inland due to the effect of convectional showers. The rainfall is also influenced by seasonal variations in the strength of the westerly winds. Spring rainfall is increased in and west of the ranges as the westerlies rise to their maximum about October, while a complementary decrease occurs at the same time in the lee of the ranges. Areas which are exposed to the west and south-west experience much showery weather, and rain falls on roughly half the days of the year.

Over most of the North Island there are at least rain days days with at least 1. Those areas of the South Island with annual rainfall under mm generally have about 80 rain days a year. In the far south the frequency of rain increases sharply; in Stewart Island and Fiordland rain days exceed a year. On the whole the seasonal rainfall does not vary greatly from year to year, the reliability in spring being particularly advantageous for agricultural purposes. It is least reliable in late summer and autumn, when very dry conditions may develop east of the ranges, particularly in Hawke's Bay.

The highest daily rainfall on record is mm which occurred at Rapid Creek, Hokitika Catchment, where the mean annual rainfall exceeds mm. Other areas with considerably lower rainfall are also subject to very heavy daily falls; such areas are to be found in northern Hawke's Bay and in northeastern districts of the Auckland Province.

By contrast, in the Manawatu district and in Otago and Southland daily falls reaching 80 mm are very rare. Thunderstorms —Thunderstorms are not numerous. Their frequency is greatest in the north and west where thunder is heard on 15 to 20 days a year; east of the ranges except in Gisborne the figure is five or less.

Hail —Hail is most frequent in the south-west where it is reported on about 20 days a year, but for the greater part of the country it occurs on about 5 days a year or less. Most of the hailstones are small, but occasionally large stones cause local damage to glasshouses, and to orchards and market gardens, chiefly in Canterbury and Hawke's Bay. January and February, with approximately the same mean temperature are the warmest months of the year; July is the coldest.

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Some temperature statistics for selected places are included in the table on climatological averages. As is to be expected, there is a small annual range of temperature difference between mean temperature of the warmest and coldest months.

Frost —It is well known that local variations in frostiness are considerable, even within quite small areas. Gently sloping ground with a northerly aspect tends to be least affected by frost. Favourable sites in coastal areas of Northland are free of frost, although further inland light frosts occur frequently in the winter months. At Albert Park, Auckland, the screen minimum thermometer 1. Excluding the uninhabited mountainous areas, the coldest winter conditions are experienced in Central Otago and the Mackenzie Plains of inland Canterbury, and on the central plateau of the North Island.

Elsewhere over the North Island the winters are very mild and pastures maintain continuous growth. In both Islands sheep and cattle remain in the open all the year round. Snow —The majority of New Zealanders rarely see snow except on the mountains. The North Island has a small permanent snow field above m on the central plateau, but the snow line rarely descends below m even for brief periods in winter.

In the South Island snow falls on a few days a year in eastern coastal districts, and in some years may lie for a day or two even at sea level. In Westland it does not lie at sea level. The snow line on the Southern Alps is around m in summer, being slightly lower on the western side where the Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers descend through heavy bush to within m of sea level. In inland Canterbury and Otago, where there are considerable areas of grazing lands above m, snowfalls are heavier and more persistent and have caused serious losses of sheep during severe winters in the past.

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However, only rarely does the winter snow line there remain below m for extended periods. Relative Humidity —Humidity is commonly between 70 and 80 percent in coastal areas and about 10 percent lower inland. It varies inversely to the temperature, falling to a minimum in the early afternoon when temperature is highest and frequently lying between 90 and percent during clear nights. As the following table shows, the diurnal variation is greater than the difference between summer and winter. Cool south-westerlies are also at times very dry when they reach eastern districts.

Dull, humid spells are generally not prolonged anywhere, but their frequency shows a marked increase in the south. Sunshine —The sunniest places are near Blenheim, the Nelson-Motueka area, and Whakatane, where the average duration of bright sunshine exceeds hours a year. The rest of the Bay of Plenty and Napier are only slightly less sunny. A large portion of the country is favoured with at least hours. Even Westland, despite its high rainfall, has hours.

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Southland and coastal Otago, where sunshine drops sharply to about hours a year, lie on the northern fringe of a broad zone of increasing cloudiness. Four hundred miles further to the south at Campbell Island the sunshine has the extremely low value of hours a year.

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Otherwise, you will require an International Driving Permit which will be readily available in your country. All designated drivers need to have their driving license details recorded when collecting their NZ car rental. In New Zealand driving is on the left, and all measurements are in metric.

Fuel is delivered in litres, and petrol stations will accept all major credit cards. The hirer is liable for all speed and traffic infringements incurred during the hiring period. Rental companies will charge your credit card for any infringements received and may include an administration fee — this often occurs after the hiring period. Both manual and automatic transmission equipped cars are available for hire in New Zealand — the majority are automatic transmission.

You will be required to pay for your vehicle on pickup using a credit card. Excess Insurance reduction and other options can also be purchased when collecting your NZ hire car. You can take excess insurance Collision Damage Waiver reduction options by paying a daily fee to reduce your liability in the event of an accident. Another option available to Australian license holders is to pre-purchased rental vehicle insurance through our partner Hiccup Insurance who specialise in car rental insurance and whose rates are often cheaper than those offered by the rental companies.

Learn more about car hire insurance options. Whichever option you elect to take remember that in the event of an accident secure copies of all documentation, police reports and if possible take photos. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to travel in the front seat of a car. In the rear seats, all children under 5 must be safely secured in a child seat. Children must use a child restraint if available, and children must use a safety belt. Welcome to New Zealand! Located at the bottom of the world, this beautiful country is known for its vast green landscapes and wide-open spaces.

While the main cities offer a cultural experience of their own, to truly explore the land of the kiwis you need to hit the open road and venture into the countryside. Comprised of two main landmasses, the North and the South islands, New Zealand spans some km from top to bottom, with a spine of striking snow-capped mountains and volcanic peaks. The two islands are separated by a deep, moody channel known as the Cook Strait, and for this reason alone, most travellers treat the North Island and the South Island as distinct destinations, often choosing to visit one over the other due to time constraints.

Fortunately, this means that visitors can focus their efforts on touring just one island at a time. The vast majority choose New Zealand car hire to get around and explore this beautiful country. Because both islands boast seriously stunning scenery, which means you might as well start factoring in unscheduled photo stops on your self-drive holiday right now. A self-drive holiday in New Zealand also allows brings flexibility, complete independence and control over your own itinerary.

No more sitting on long bus rides or spending a fortune on flights. Travelling by rental car is a great way to take in all of New Zealand's attractions without the stress of navigating public transport. Travel to the very tip of the North Island and see the Tasman Sea meet the Pacific Ocean, or venture to the deep south and explore Stuart Island, the 1, square kilometre home to around New Zealanders.

Be sure to enjoy everything in between, from the world-famous Milford Sound to the picturesque Bay of Plenty. We also had full use of the tastefully decorated lounge which was complete with beautiful leather couches, a fireplace and tv. Bathroom was clean and the water pressure in the shower was simply amazing! Our hosts, Debbie and Paddy were lovely, super friendly, sweet people. Debbie looked after us like we were her own, even played with our little one so hubby and I could eat breakfast while having a chat with Debbie in the kitchen.

Did I mention that Debbie is an amazing cook?! We had dinner there on two nights and breakfast all 4 days we stayed. Scrambled eggs cooked to perfection, locally sourced veg and meats, oh and the dessert was fantastic! Really, Debbie could open a restaurant!

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We were also able to visit popular tourist sites such as Hobbiton and waikerere falls nearby, and an easy drive to Rotorua to check out the attractions there. Highly recommended farmstay for all of the above reasons! Thanks Debbie and Paddy! Date of stay: July Trip type: Traveled with family. HappyTravelerIAm wrote a review May Austin, Texas contributions 23 helpful votes. Lovely Farm Stay. We only stayed here one night but we wish could have stayed longer.

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Our room was nice, the bed was comfy, and the bathroom was divine the water pressure in the shower was out of this world. Our room had plenty of space for our luggage and the travel crib for our toddler. Hirepool - All the gear for all the jobs. Trailers Hire from our wide range of trailers and make your move faster and easier. Scissor Lifts Hire scissor lifts for a safe method to work at varying heights. Caranya mudah, cukup kirim email Anda via mention, dan kami akan memberikan promo ini via email…. Paket ini merupakan self-drive, namun Seat-in-Coach juga tersedia. Semakin banyak peserta, hargapun akan semakin murah….

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Retrieved 7 November Archived from the original on 28 January Retrieved 10 February Retrieved 13 May Archived from the original on 21 June Retrieved 14 July Retrieved 28 August Cycle Action Waikato link no longer works. Archived from the original PDF on 17 October Archived from the original PDF on 7 August Retrieved 25 May The Beehive.

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Retrieved 11 April February Archived from the original on 17 March Retrieved 17 May Hamilton Libraries Heritage Collection Online. Retrieved 17 April Retrieved 16 May October The New Zealand Gazette. Archived from the original on 19 February Retrieved 22 April Archived from the original on 4 February Archived from the original on 11 February Retrieved 27 January Archived from the original on 23 March Retrieved 7 January Archived from the original on 2 June Retrieved 6 July Archived from the original on 4 May Retrieved 10 May The Evening Post. All were three-bedroom structures, and came with a choice of six different front porches.

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Club membership. Heading south-east towards Nelson on State Highway 60 turn left into Fearon Street before driving through Motueka township.

Latitude: Motel Rooms. Parking caravans, campervans and motorhomes in Motueka Are you planning a holiday and looking for a caravan park in Motueka? Motel rooms and cabins in Motueka Searching for cabins or motels in Motueka? Park Gallery. You can complete the personality test, easily upload photos and fill out your profile details, all while on the go! Looking for someone who is educated and motivated hasn't always been easy for me.

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I am a woman man. Prices are the average nightly price provided by our partners and may not include all taxes and fees. Taxes and fees that are shown are estimates only. Please see our partners for more details. Full view. View all photos 5 5. Property amenities.

Christchurch Intl Airport mi See all flights. Nelson Airport 17 mi See all flights. Rental Cars See all Motueka rental cars. Compare More Popular Hotels. View Hotel. Free parking. Breakfast included. Ask the experts - we're here to help you make the most of your mail. Select your ticket type to quick track from this page or visit the full tracking page for more information. Is this a one off send? Open an account Open an account You can access a significant range of benefits for all your sending. A dedicated team Experts at your local branch understanding your unique needs.

The pool was magic for the kids on a hot day after a long trip! The unit we had 26 was central and very clean and well maintained. Toilet facilities were first class at the camp. List your property. We have more than 70 million property reviews, all from real, verified guests.

The only way to leave a review is to first make a booking. That's how we know our reviews come from real guests who have stayed at the property. When guests stay at the property, they check out how quiet the room is, how friendly the staff is, and more. After their trip, guests tell us about their stay.

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We check for naughty words and verify the authenticity of all guest reviews before adding them to our site. Hotels in Motueka Be a Booker. Search hotels and more in Motueka Type your destination. Error: Enter a destination to start searching. Choose your dates to see up-to-date prices and availability.

I'm traveling for work. New Zealand Hotels Apartments. Tasman Hotels Apartments.

Hotels Budget hotels. All 41 hotels and more in Motueka. Filter by: Star Rating 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 star. Motueka — 45 hotels and places to stay. Had a great night Show more Show less. Review score. Check availability. Show more Show less. All the little touches are found here Show more Show less.

See all 41 hotels in Motueka.

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Breakfast options. Budget Hotel. Central location. Really enjoy getting to know them and they did a fantastic job : Show more Show less. FAQs about hotels in Motueka. How much is a hotel in Motueka for this weekend? How much is a hotel in Motueka for tonight?

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How much does it cost to stay in a hotel in Motueka? Subscribe to see Secret Deals. Sign me up! Kathryn New Zealand. Sian United Kingdom. Keith United Kingdom. Yes, easy to get around The happy fish and chips Show more Show less. Bob Australia. Thelma New Zealand. Cheryl United States of America.